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Laser Hair Removal is a fairly new concept for many Indians, even though the procedure has been around for a very long time. Laser Hair Removal has numerous benefits without any side-effects and costs effective if you take into account the lifetime cost of other procedures like waxing, shaving, etc. We at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh understand that Indians are getting more self-aware, taking care of their bodies and wanting to look good. The biggest concern of our patients is getting rid of unwanted hair.

Along with women, lots of men and teenagers are also taking to Laser Hair Removal to enhance their looks and be free of regular hair shaving or waxing. One thing that makes Athena Skin & Laser stand out is effective results. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. Please go through the information given below, which should give you a clear idea about the whole procedure. You can contact Athena Skin & Laser for a trial laser hair removal session at Rs.99 only.
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What is Laser Hair Removal?

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures for removing the unwanted body hair is termed as laser hair removal. If you are the one looking to get rid of the unwanted body hair then laser hair removal in Chandigarh is the best option available for you.

In this process, highly concentrated light beams are used and these are directed towards the hair area that is intended to be removed. 

Selective penetration of laser beams takes place that helps hair follicles destruction in the skin. This is possible since the pigment present in skin follicles absorb these.

Following are the body areas that could be treated with the help of laser hair removal:

  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Bikini area
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Neck

Benefits of laser hair removal at Athena Skin Clinic:

With the help of this treatment at Athena Skin Clinic, one can get rid of the unwanted hair from the leg, back, face, arm, chin, bikini line, underarm and other such parts of the body. Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT laser machine is used in the process that makes it all the more effective. There are several benefits that one can enjoy from laser hair removal such as:

Precision: Laser treatment can selectively target the coarse, dark hairs while it does not pose any damage to the nearby skin.

Speed: Just the fraction of a second is taken by each of the laser pulses and it can treat several hairs altogether. Every second, an approximate area of the quarter size could be treated with the help of laser hair removal. If you are looking for the best hair removal treatment then Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT laser machine is the best machine to offer desired results. In the laser hair removal field, this is the newest edition that gives a completely new level to the hair removal process. Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT laser machine helps in painless and fast treatment and can cover large areas within 5 minutes such as back hair removal.

Predictability: Permanent hair loss is there in most of the patients after they undergo from 3-7 sessions on an average.

Safety of Laser hair removal: 

The process of hair removal from the laser is medical and must, therefore, be performed only by trained professionals. In this case, when all the things are done as per the norms, there is nothing much to be worried about. Most of the people look for laser hair removal Side effects to know whether it is safe or not. This treatment is certainly safe. 

However, prospective laser hair removal Side effects are there in this process as well as with the other processes that mainly depend on the type of hair, sensitivity, skin, etc.  

Not a painful treatment:

This is the most common concern of people as to whether laser hair removal treatment will hurt them? The answer to this is no, this is not a painful treatment and therefore nothing is there to worry about. One can understand the sensation of laser treatment to be similar like the waxing discomfort. Minor changes in pain could be there since the sensitivity of different skin areas is different.


The response of skin to this treatment comes within 2 days. In this case, it is important not to panic since it is normal to react to slight irritation or waxing. The laser hair removal side effects for most of the people are somewhat similar to the case of sunburn.

The skin needs healing since in this treatment; the laser beam damages the hair follicle by reaching it so that more hair is not produced. This damage can also result in slight irritation or redness of the skin.

Eyes protection: 

The hair follicles destroying laser beams are powerful and therefore proper protection for eyes is important otherwise impact on eyesight might be there due to the flashing beams. Protective eyewear is important throughout the treatment for optimum eye protection.


There is a high dependence on this laser hair removal treatment success and laser hair removal side effects on your laser operator. The powerful laser beams should only be used by a trained professional. The possibility of blisters and burns appearance on the skin is thereafter the treatment if it is done by a person without any experience.


This again depends on the professional skills and experience of the laser operator. Any type of mistake from the operator can lead to a scar. However, this is not the case in general but is something that should be taken care of.

Potential skin discoloration:

There might be discoloration or change in skin color as well instead of scars and burns. However, this is not a permanent change. Those having fair skin might suffer from skin darkness in the areas that come in touch with the beams of the laser. On the contrary, those having darker skin might get lighter skin tones. The natural pigmentation is also affected by the beams that result in skin discoloration.

Process of Laser Hair Removal:

To remove or reduce the unwanted hair permanently, laser hair removal stands to be a noninvasive and convenient method. It leaves silkier and smoother skin compared to electrolysis, waxing, etc. This gentle technique is helpful for the effective treatment of large areas and that too without much discomfort. At present, one of the general aesthetic procedures is laser hair removal.



  • It helps in the effective treatment of both small and large areas
  • The skin complexion and color can become more uniform
  • Permanent loss of hair might be there in most patients after having about 3-8 sessions of laser hair removal.


  • For getting satisfactory results, several treatments might be required
  • Response from patients with dark skin tone might not be good due to discrepancy in hair colors and skin

Myths about laser hair removal

Nowadays, the option of laser hair removal is getting very popular but it brings several myths as well. Following are some of the most common myths:

Myth 1: It is not safe to have laser hair removal:

Fact: The safety of this process depends on the form of a laser system that is used. Certain treatments have been approved by the FDA and therefore using laser systems that are FDA accredited assures for safety.

Myth 2: It is very costly

Fact: While laser hair removal price is not very cheap but it is also not very much costly. Several factors decide the cost of this process and in general, it does not cost a fortune to have laser hair removal.

Myth 3: It is a temporary process

Fact: After going through this process, most of the people can say goodbye toxic creams of hair removal, razors, etc. since ingrown hairs are gone for several years or months or indefinitely as well.

Myth 4: It does not work

Fact: Depending on the nature of hair follicles of a person and the number of treatment sessions, this laser removal process proves highly effective such that one can get rid of unwanted hair for years. The results also depend on the medication and hormones of the person.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs:

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

At Athena Skin Clinic, highly competitive prices are offered by us on all the available package options so that cost does not bother the clients.

What numbers of sessions are needed?

For getting the best results, one must go through 6-8 sessions. More sessions might also be required in some cases if people have more hair growth.

What is the session duration?

It takes about 15-20 minutes for small areas.

Does the process hurt?

A mild prickling sensation might be there in some people while some might also have a pain-free experience.

Which body parts cannot have a laser?

The area surrounding our eyes is the only one where this treatment is not suitable.

What is the efficiency of this process?

The laser hair removal process at Athena Skin Clinic stands highly effective and helps in getting rid of hair for the long term.

Laser Hair Removal for Men:

Unwanted growth of body hair is both inconvenient as well as embarrassing. Laser hair removal for men stands as the perfect option since it is not possible to have waxing or shaving regularly. Laser hair removal for men at Athena Skin Clinic is a highly effective treatment in which hair beneath the skin surface is destroyed and completely shed out later. 

The problems like razor burn or ingrown hair are also removed since the skin pores are closed.

Also, some men opt for complete beard removal while others go for beard reduction so that shaving can become easier. This beard reduction could be achieved with the help of laser beard sculpting so that one can enjoy the desired look and style with the elimination of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal for Women:

Laser hair removal takes all the hassles of bleaching, waxing, plucking or shaving the undesired hair. It is possible to have laser hair removal for women at the desired body parts including bikini areas as well. This option eradicates the need for shaving again and again and thus prevents irritation, razor bumps, and irritated skin as well. This is the perfect option to have toned skin in both an effective and safe manner. All skin types could be treated to get rid of unwanted body hair.

How the process is performed?

Before the treatment of laser hair removal in Chandigarh, the patient is given with protective shields for eyes so that these are placed over them for injury prevention to the retinas or corneas. Then comes the process of trimming in which the hair that will be removed is trimmed to some millimeters above the surface of the skin. For the protection of skin outer layers, the use of a special cooling device or cool gel is common. This helps in getting more effective results from the treatment since the penetration of laser light is facilitated through the skin.

A laser beam of low energy is used for hair removal in the most popular lasers. This beam is adjusted as per the color of skin so that the pigment of some percentage of hair follicles having active growth of hair absorbs it. This area is kept under observation to assure proper settings and to check whether the treatment has any adverse reactions.

In case this test can give successful results, this process moves forward to the next step. After this, a systematic direction of the laser beam of low energy is done to the potential treatment areas of body spot by spot. Each treatment is helpful in the permanent and instant disabling of the hair follicles active growth. This treatment does not affect the follicles that are in the dormant phase.

After the completion of this process, the person who has undergone the treatment is given with cold water, ice packs or certain lotions or creams that are having an anti-inflammatory effect. This is used for soothing the areas that are treated and any sort of discomfort is diminished.

If someone is having laser hair removal in Chandigarh with the aim of permanent loss of hair, it is important to understand that satisfactory results could be obtained only after having several sessions. This makes it important to consider the laser hair removal price as well. In general, 3-8 sessions might be required initially.

In most of the cases, the time interval of about 4-8 weeks is recommended by most of the surgeons in this treatment process. This is the reason why patients look for laser hair removal price that is in the budget. The dependence of this recovery interval is based on the following factors:

  • The age, gender, pattern of hair growth and type of hair that the patient has
  • The region of the body that is undergoing treatment
  • The selected light-based or laser device
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