Become 10 years younger in 10 mins. Interested? Read on!

Wrinkle Reduction Without Downtime or Surgery

Reduce wrinkles and look years younger. There are over 50 muscles in your face and we use them to create different facial expressions. Over time wrinkles form as collagen breaks down in these areas of facial expression. One way to reduce these wrinkles and stop this collagen break-down is to inject Botulinum Toxin .

Wrinkle reduction takes away years from your face. The use of Botulinum Toxin will diminish wrinkles in the brow, forehead and around the eyes (crow’s feet). It can also be safely used in other areas of the face depending on a patient unique facial movement and in the neck to remove banding that comes with getting older.

Botulinum Toxin is injected into the muscles identified as responsible for the wrinkle in question and is used in very small quantities. Botulinum Toxin works by blocking the receptors on the muscles responsible for initiating movement when signals are sent from the brain. Once injected, the muscles will relax resulting in the improved look of your wrinkles. A temporary block of that muscles ability to function occur keeping line from forming and allowing new collagen to build, further improving the overall appearance of that area. Continue reading Become 10 years younger in 10 mins. Interested? Read on!

Let’s just debunk the common Botulinum Toxin myths

Botulinum Toxin is one of the most popular beauty treatments for people who want to maintain their perfect look today, but there is still a lot of misconceptions regarding the side effects, who can use it, and why. Here are the few of the myths about Botulinum Toxin, let’s just debunk them.

1. Botulinum Toxin causes facial muscles to freeze

A very common myth is that Botulinum Toxin can cause the face to freeze and cause all natural facial expressions to disappear. While it does not make the face entirely expressionless, an overuse of the substance can be harmful. However, within 1-2 weeks the face should restore its natural expressions. In fact, many patients report a “refreshed” and more natural look immediately after procedures. Continue reading Let’s just debunk the common Botulinum Toxin myths

Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers in Chandigarh

Every woman and man has a desire to remain young and always look pretty. At Athena Skin Clinic Chandigarh, we feel it’s our foremost objective to improve patients’ lives through latest treatments in skin care. With passing time, the beauty of a young face fades and you can’t help it when the once beautiful face and sexy curves slowly start to disappear before your very own eyes. The only saving grace is to look for a quick solution that will renew your confidence as a woman. Dr Harman Sidhu provides Botulinum Toxin and dermal filler treatment in Chandigarh which is the latest treatment. It’s in the form of an inject able treatment that is administered on the face with micro-thin syringe. Botulinum Toxin is a cosmetic surgery that gives you a smoother and wrinkle-free face.

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